A Gnome Multimode HF Terminal
by Tomi Manninen OH2BNS




Sound samples


gMFSK was written from scratch by Tomi Manninen OH2BNS <oh2bns at>. However it also owes a lot to other people.

  • Thanks to Murray ZL1BPU and Nino IZ8BLY for creating very cool ham communication modes, MFSK16 and MFSK8. Special thanks to Murray for the technical documentation of MFSK16/8 and Hellschreiber.
  • Thanks to Denis UU9JDR for helping me implement MFSK pictures.
  • Thanks also to Jesús EB1DIX for his RTTY decoder program for Linux. I used that software as the base for my  RTTY experiments and a lot of ideas was borrowed from it.
  • Likewise thanks to Lionel G3PPT for making Throb source code publically available. Again lot was learned just by browsing through the code.
  • Thanks to Hansi DL9RDZ for his PSK31 C++ classes and the work of Andrew G0TJZ and Peter G3PLX on which the classes are partly based on. The PSK31 algorithms in gMFSK are mostly copied from Hansi's implementation.
  • Special thanks to Pawel SP9VRC for his work on MT63 and the source code for it. The MT63 implementation in gMFSK is completely based on Pawel's code.
  • Many other people (unknowingly) contributed to the program by explaining things on mailing lists and writing open source software themselves. These people include for example Tom HB9JNX, Phil KA9Q and Charles G4GUO.
  • Last but not least many thanks to Joni OH2NJR/OH2MUI for providing me with feedback and equipment to be able to develop and test the stuff...

This program is something I wrote for my own amusement. I'm not a professional DSP engineer (though I may want to be one in the future) and I'm certainly not a GUI programmer nor do I ever want to be one. Suggestions especially for the GUI part are more than welcome!